Welcome to Camp Gan Israel, one of the largest and fastest growing networks of Jewish Day Camps in the world. Our camp, in the heart of Plano Texas, enjoys a well- deserved reputation as a trendsetter with innovative programming, fun activities and exciting field trips in a warm, upbeat environment.

Camp Gan Israel is much more than a physical break from the school routine. It is a comprehensive program that includes field trips, swimming, sports, crafts and more. Campers of all ages enjoy a wide range of exciting activities and field trips in a warm and vivacious atmosphere. In addition, we provide several activities throughout the summer, a Roughriders baseball game and Shabbat Dinners that get the whole family involved. At Camp Gan Izzy, your child will experience a rich and wholesome summer vacation of fun and excitement that will give him or her memories to last the whole year.

This website will provide you with all necessary information regarding camp. However if you have any concerns, questions or suggestions, please feel free to call us at Chabad.

More About Our Camp...

"No one puts more care into the care of your child."
The facilities we use during the course of the camp day are well suited to a full program of games, crafts, dramatics, sports and other enriching camp activities. Our experienced staffers work to develop skills, confidence and a sense of fair play within each child.

Child development is the most significant ingredient in a healthy camp experience. This is why our staff is the real secret to our success. Our experienced counselors, chosen from all around the globe, are known for their personal warmth and ability to care for each child as an individual. Each counselor is a role model for our children, promising lasting friendships and guidance. Their devotion to the children is truly reciprocated by the children's love of them.

Jewish Pride 
Camp Gan Izzy campers are imbued with a deep sense of pride in our Jewish heritage and a love for the land of Israel.  Weekly Judaic themes are taught through exciting activities.  Stories, songs, games and contests in addition to Challah baking, Shabbat parties, arts and crafts and cooking are part of the unique Camp Gan Israel experience.  Combined with educational programs and discussions, these activities bring to life the beauty and values of our rich tradition. 

Jewish Theme
Each morning, our children participate in a morning bunk time, which includes praying, stories, the giving of charity, games, crafts and more.

Each day's topic relates to the theme of the week, which in turn, is part of the theme of the summer.

From the songs we sing to the crafts we make, our camp's spirit is infused with the love and excitement of Judaism, all of which takes place in a fun, relaxed environment.

Activities & Special Events  
Days at Camp Gan Izzy are filled with a wide variety of exciting activities, tailored to the age group and interests of the children.  All of our campers will enjoy twice-weekly swimming, gym time with our amazing coach, crafts, baking, theme/dress up days, and Shabbat party!  In addition, our older campers will be given some choices in activities geared specifically for them. 

Our weekly program is enhanced with Shows, games, crafts, sports, drama, choice times, art, carnivals, dress-up days, baking, bunk competitions, Shabbos party challah baking, and oh... so much more. Under the direction of our experienced crafts director, Tia Sukenik, campers will have the opportunity to design and take home some wonderful Judaica projects

Trips On The Go  
Fun-filled weekly field trips to different places throughout the Metroplex keep your camper going all week long.  Some of these trips may include Hawaiian Falls, Circus, Legoland, Children’s Theatre, or Jump Town.  In addition, campers will have a weekly “smaller” trip/activity like bowling, roller skating, a magic show, petting zoo or giant water slide.  We work hard to keep your camper constantly engaged in a fun, safe and Jewish environment. Gan Israel’s “Trip Days”, which are well known, are geared to the children’s interests, scheduled a few times a week and feature excursions to many local attractions all across the metroplex. 

Camp Director: 
Rivkie Block

Camp Staff Coordinators: 
Rabbi Yehuda and Esther Horowitz 

Office Administrator: 
Gloria Stayman 

Camp Gan Israel is a project of:
Chabad of Dallas/ the Shul 
Rabbi Mendel Dubrawsky 
6710 Levelland Road, Dallas 
(972) 818-0770
Chabad of Plano/Collin County
Rabbi Menachem Block
3904 West Park Boulevard, Plano
(972) 596-8270