Parents: Please read our Parent Handbook and sign at the bottom acknowledging that you have read it.

(1) Hours/dates/location:

Hours, days, and months of operation:

Dates: Monday June 25th - Friday August 3rd, 2017

Times: Regular camp hours are Monday - Friday, 9:00 am-3:45 pm

We offer early drop off from 8:00am, Late stay is until 6:00pm (Fridays until 5:.00pm)

Ages: Girls: 2 yrs. old - 12 yrs. old (entering 7th)

        Boys: 2 yrs. old - 12 yrs. old (entering 7th

(Children must be 2 yrs. old by June 25th, 2018 or their first day of camp)

Location: Lang Chabad Center, 3904 West Park Blvd., Plano, Texas 75075 (just east of Coit)

Phone: (972) 596-8270


(2) Procedures for release of children:


Parents must submit a list in writing, of people Camp Gan Israel is authorized to release their child/ren to. In addition, a carpool form should be filled out for each child entering camp.


We understand that children will sometimes need to be released to someone not on the list or participate in a playdate. In this case, parents should send a signed note with the name of their child, the bunk they are in, the date, and person their child should be released to. If changes occur during the day, parents must call the camp office. People coming to pick up a child from camp should be prepared to show a picture ID before the child will be released. Camp personnel may not release a child to anyone without prior authorization from parents.


(3) Illness and exclusion criteria:

It is important to us that each child be healthy and happy at school. We cannot admit or keep in our care, any child whom:

Has one of the following symptoms or combinations of symptoms of illness within the last 24 hours:

· Fever of 100 degrees or higher. Children should be fever free, without the help of acetaminophen or ibuprofen, for 24 hours before returning to camp.

· Strep throat or another illness requiring your child to be placed on antibiotics. Children must be on the antibiotics for at least 24 hours before returning to camp.

· Diarrhea (more than one unusually loose stool per day).

· Vomiting in the past 24 hours.

· Pinkeye or rashes that are secreting or pus-filled.

· In cases of lice, children must be treated for lice, with a repeat treatment one week later, and remain home for 24 hours after treatment. In addition, parents should inform the camp so the bunk can be informed of a lice case. The camp will check heads of all children in the affected bunks and if nits are found, parents will need to pick up their child so they can be treated as well.

If your child has exhibited any of the symptoms above, you must keep your child at home for a minimum of 24 hours. If your child exhibits these symptoms at camp, we will contact you immediately. You must pick up your child immediately. This helps us keep all of our children and staff healthier.


(4) Emergency Medical Care:

In the case of accidental injury, we will make every attempt to contact a parent or guardian. In the event that we are not able to reach a responsible party and emergency care is deemed necessary, we will call the EMT or drive the child directly to the hospital. Until arrival of parent or guardian, the Director or designated Director will make all decisions concerning your child. You are responsible for all medical expenses that may be incurred. Chabad of Plano/Camp Gan Israel, cannot enroll any child whose parents do not sign a written consent form agreeing to this.


(5) Administering Medication:

All prescription and non-prescription medication given to a child at camp require a written authorization form filled out from the parent. Medication must come in the original bottle or container with specific instructions on administration, including times, dosage, and length of time medication is to be given.


(6) Procedures for parental notifications:

· Staff will immediately notify the parent or other person authorized by the parent when the child: is injured; has a sign or symptom requiring exclusion from the facility; or, has been involved in any situation that places the child at risk.

· Staff will notify parents of children in a group when there is an outbreak of head lice or other infestation in the group.

· If policies change in any way, parents will be notified in writing.


(7) Discipline and guidance practices:

Discipline will be individualized, consistent and proactive where possible. Caregivers will use positive methods of discipline and guidance that encourage self control and self direction which include: Praise and encouragement, positive reinforcement, redirecting, clear expectations set daily and reinforced, and being proactive in situations to stop things before they start. We will use brief supervised separation for no longer than one minute year of the child's age.

Sometimes things happen that are considered more serious (hitting, fighting, bullying etc…) or children may have continual repeated issues. In these cases the director may step in. If the problem continues, parents may be called to pick up their child early from camp.


(8) Meals and food service practices:

Camp Gan Israel will serve campers one snack daily, in the morning, around 9:45 am, for children in camp during normal business hours. Children that will be staying for after care until 6:00 pm, will receive a snack after normal camp hours, around 4:15 pm. In addition, parents can order hot lunch from Café Fino for Mondays and Thursdays only. Please see our website for a registration form.


(9) Immunization requirements:

For each child enrolled, we are required by the State to maintain records that each child has met the required immunization standards as dictated by the state. To this end, your child must be enrolled, during the school year, in a school or preschool, where your records are maintained. If your child is not enrolled in a school or preschool, please indicate on your form and furnish Camp Gan Israel with a copy of your child’s current and up-to-date immunization records.

Camp Gan Israel does not require vaccinations or vaccination records from our employees.


(10) Tuberculin testing requirements:

Children are not required to be tested for TB prior to attending day care or camps.


(11) Enrollment procedures and financial polices:

Camp enrollment is on a first-come first-serve basis. We can’t hold a child’s spot in camp until forms are completed and a deposit is received. Before a child can begin camp, all forms must be completed and payment must be made. Bunk assignments are made by grade level child is entering. We do our best to accommodate requests but cannot guarantee.


The camp administration reserves the right to reconsider the enrollment of any camper if we feel the child’s needs or level of functioning or behavior cannot be accommodated, or if the child’s conduct limits his or her ability to participate in, or to benefit fully from, the programs and activities at Camp Gan Israel.


Late Registration/adding and transferring weeks: After camp begins on June 25th, campers may add weeks, transfer weeks, or register only in the sole discretion of the camp administration.


Financial assistance deadline: All requests for assistance must be received by Thursday, May 31st. Please note the forms must be turned in and deposit must be received before assistance can be considered. If an agreement is not reached, and your child does not attend camp, your deposit will be returned.


CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY: The $50 Registration Fee is not refundable, regardless of the cancellation date. On or before May 31st, 100% refund; after May 31st, 30% refund. There is no refund for daily absences. No deviation from these policies will be permitted.

ADDITIONAL CHILD: 5% discount for each additional child of the same family. This discount cannot be combined with the early bird discount, or once camp is in session.


(12) Transportation:

Children will be transported to and from offsite camp activities like field trips, gym times or swimming, using school buses, rented from Point to Point Bus Service. Parents will receive a calendar at the beginning of camp with a list of all of our field trips, their locations and the groups of children participating on the trip. In addition, campers will go swimming each week, on Mondays and Thursdays. See schedule below for exact swim schedule. A schedule of these trips will be given to the parents before camp and at the beginning of each week. It will also be posted on our website.


(13) Water activities:

Children will swim on the following days: 6/25, 6/27, 7/2, 7/9, 7/11, 7/23, 7/25, 7/30, and 8/2.

Wading Pool/Splash Pool - Our pre-Kindergarteners will swim onsite in our covered area. They will be monitored by our staff members. Children are required to wear swim shoes when in the splash area.

Texas Pool - Kindergarten –first grade: Children entering Kindergarten-entering first grade will swim at The Texas Pool, 901 Springbrook Dr. Plano, TX 75075. Children will be swim tested the first time they swim at the pool, to determine their ability level and marked with a wristband. If parents have something they would like to share about their child’s swimming abilities, please use the enrollment form, email us, or contact the Director. Parents may send their child with flotation devices to be used at this pool. Parents are strongly encouraged to send their child in swim shoes, as the ground gets very hot during the summer.

Tom Muehlenbeck - Children entering second grade through entering seventh grade will swim at Tom Muehlenbeck Center, 5801 W. Parker Blvd. Plano, TX 75093. Children will be allowed to swim in the two main portions of the pool, inside and outside. If parents have something they would like to share about their child’s swimming ability, please use the enrollment form or contact the Camp Director. Parents may not send flotation devices to be used at the pool. If parents would like children to use flotation devices, they must inform the camp and the children will use those provided by the Tom Muehlenbeck swim center.


(14) Field trips:

Camp Gan Israel goes on at least one field trip each week. In addition, campers travel to a PISD school gym (still to be determined) and participate in the PE program with our PE coach a few times a week. The campers will be transported using Dallas County School buses to travel to and from the trips. A schedule of our field trips will be given to each camper before camp begins and will be listed on our website. Parents must have a signed permission slip on file with the camp to attend our trips. Parents will be notified in advance if changes in the schedule occur.

On field trip days, we ask parents to dress their child/ren in the camp t-shirt and send them with a disposable lunch. In addition, we will give each child a wristband with camp contact information on it.

On field trip days, children should arrive to camp on time. We will not be responsible for children arriving late to camp. Please refer to the camp calendar and the weekly email for our field trip schedule


(15) Animals:

Parents will be notified, in writing, when animals will be present on the camp premises.


(16) Questions or Concerns:

We welcome any questions or concerns about policies and/or procedures of our camp. Parents are able to speak with the Director to review and discuss matters at any time. Please call the office (972)596-8270 or send us an email



(17) Visiting the Camp:


Camp Gan Israel has an open door policy. Parents are welcome to come and visit the facility at any time during business hours. If parents would like to join us on our trips, they will need to provide their own transportation and pay their entry fee.


(18) The procedures for parents to participate in the operation’s activities:


Camp helps your child develop and promote their independence and self-reliance. Camp Gan Israel, camp activities and camp outings are designed for the participation of its campers, camp counselors, and administrators. Parents who wish to join us at the swimming pool or participate in any camp activity or trip and must attend at their own expense and utilize their own transportation. Campers must travel as arranged by the camp and may not travel to camp outings with a parent or guardian.


(19) The procedures for parents to review a copy of the minimum standards and the operation’s most recent Licensing inspection report:


Parents are welcome to review a copy of the minimum standards and the most recent licensing inspection report by asking the office or Director.


(20) Instructions on how a parent may contact the local Licensing office, DFPS child abuse hotline, and DFPS website:


Local Licensing Office: 972-633-6600

DFPS Child Abuse Hotline: 800-252-5400

DFPS Website:


(21) Emergency preparedness plan:

Camp Gan Israel will make every effort to keep our children safe. In the case of a lockdown, all children will be relocated to the Sanctuary in the center of the building. Staff will conduct a name to face count with the daily sign in sheets to make sure all children have been moved to the relocation area inside the facility. In the case of children with visual, mental or hearing impairments, one staff member will be assigned to that child, during emergency situations, and will ensure that they are safely removed from the building. Emergency contact numbers, medical release forms, and updated list of all students will be kept with the director/staff member. In the event that our building is no longer safe for children, the relocation area outside of the building is on the grassy area. Staff members will conduct headcounts throughout this process. In addition, if we must relocate, students will be transported via buses and staff vehicles to Chabad of Dallas at 6710 Levelland Road Dallas, TX 75252 (972)818-0770. Once children are relocated to a safe place, the authorities will be notified (fire, police, medical services, parents and DFPS)


(22)Policy Changes

Camp Gan Israel will notify parents of any policy changes via email.


Any camper that has allergies will need to have their doctor complete an Allergy plan before they can begin camp.  These plans will be used to help the director, parent and counselors to create a plan to keep their child safe for while their child is at camp.  Campers information will be posted in camp (where they will be present) for all to see and to help in keeping all campers safe.  

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