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NEW! Counselor in Training Program

NEW! Counselor in Training Program

8th Grade Girls Counselor in Training Program 


What is it?

  • All girls entering 8th grade will be a part of our CIT Program
  • The girls will work both as a group and in individual bunks
  • Work with a dedicated counselor to help at camp and learn what it takes to be a counselor
  • They will help the Head Counselors run activities through the day
  • They will be assigned a bunk to help with trips and activities
  • They will go on one trip each week as a group-just for fun!

How can I participate

  • Register for camp like normal.  All forms are required by the state and they must be registered as a camper
  • Attend a short training right before camp begins
  • We have a limited number of spots so please sign up early

We know that this is a switch from how we normally do things.  We feel that this will help make the experience for our 8th graders more enjoyable allowing them to participate in a variety of ways during camp.  In addition, we hope to utilize this group in ways we have never before giving them a more meaningful and enjoyable experience and hopefully prepare them for future help at camp!

questions?  let us know!