Mail or deliver forms with payment to:
Camp Gan Israel 3904 W. Park Blvd.Plano, TX 75075

State Required Emergency Information Forms/Waivers

All families are required to fill out this form before campers begin camp. We need names, addresses and phone numbers for emergency contacts, physician and school children are enrolled in so please have that information before you begin filling our forms. Please click here to fill out the state required information.

Parent Handbook and Confirmation

Please follow this link to read and sign the Parent Handbook.


All children entering 2nd grade and above will participate in twice weekly choice activities we call iShops. It is important that you have your children fill this out to avoid disappointments during camp. Please click here to fill out your child's iShop preferences. 

Emergency Allergy Form

If your child has an allergy, you are required to turn in a completed form from your doctor before your child may begin camp.  Please have your doctor complete this form and return it to the camp office.  

Camper Pick-up/Carpool Form

All families are required to fill out this form, even if you are not carpooling! Please click here to fill out and submit your camper pick-up, carpool form.

Hot Lunch Form

Hot lunch is provided by Café Fino. If you would like to order hot lunch, fill out the form and return it, along with a check to Chabad of Plano 3904 W. Park Blvd. Plano, TX 75075

Goodnight Gan Izzy

Beginning the second week of camp, our counselors will visit some lucky campers to read them a bed time story, sing songs and tuck them into bed. If you are interested in entering your child into the raffle, please fill out the online form. If your child is chosen, we will call you to set up a time to visit.We will make our best effort to accommodate all requests for a visit, but we are unable guarantee it. We request that you register by July 1st.

Shabbat Dinner - July 13th, 2018

We have designated one Shabbat during camp for you to come, with your family, and enjoy a Shabbat Dinner with our CGI staff! It will be a special opportunity for our camp families to spend Shabbat together with the counselors and get to know other camp families.To sign up please RSVP here.


Trip Waivers for Summer 2018

Texas Pool - for all kids entering Kindergarten and first grade