The Elan Aaron Children's Scholarship Fund

We try to accommodate everyone in our summer camp, believing that a Jewish camping experience is an important part of forging a strong Jewish identity. Therefore ,we will try to work with everyone who requires assistance, to help come up with an amount that they are are able to pay for the camp experience.

Our financial chair will talk to you personally and a mutually agreed upon fee will be arranged. This will occur in a strictly confidential manner. We will make every effort to accommodate your request. Please be sure to fill in the whole form and check off the box for financial assistance. Please leave your evening number so our financial chairperson can contact you at home.

Online form: If you are downloading the online form, there is no space for finacial assitance. Please fill out this form if you would like to request financial assistance. Please note, you must have turned in a completed registration form and deposit before you can be considered for scholarship. Deposit will be fully refunded if your request cannot be accomodated. No requests will be accepted after May 31st.

Requests must be received by Thursday, May 31st.

Alternate Phone